Frequently Asked DACA Questions

Will new DACA applications be accepted?

USCIS is accepting new applications from anyone who did not previously have DACA. This means that anyone who became eligible for DACA after September 2017, or otherwise never applied before then, will be eligible to apply, if they meet DACA requirements.

How much is the filing fee?

The USCIS filing fee for DACA renewals remains $495.

My DACA expired in 2017 and I did not renew, am I still eligible to apply?

As of December 7th individuals who previously had DACA but did not renew will still be able to apply again. These applications will be considered “initial,” USCIS will still accept and process them.

I have DACA, can I now travel outside the United States?

Starting December 7, 2020, US Citizenship and Immigration Services will start accepting applications from DACA grantees for advance parole.

I arrived after June 15th, 2007, Will I qualify to apply for initial DACA?

Unfortunately nobody who entered the US after June 15, 2007, will qualify for DACA.

Is there any financial assistance to pay the USCIS fee?

Financial assistance to pay for the USCIS fees is usually limited. If you are in college, we advise you to talk to your school’s DACAmented student liaison. Also, please check this page as we update any financial assistance opportunities that we find out.

Can DACA recipients get unemployment benefits in Illinois?

Do I need need new fingerprints for renewal applications?

Most USCIS offices will reuse biometrics from previous DACA renewals, but depending on your local USCIS office you may receive a new appointment notice for your biometrics OR USCIS will reuse your biometrics information. If you do not receive an appointment notice or notification of biometrics reuse by mail within 90 days of your local office reopening, call 800-375-5283. For more information on USCIS reopenings or updates please visit the official USCIS website.

What if my DACA is delayed?

Visit this guide to know what steps to take if your DACA is delayed after filing.