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As a means of empowering our immigrant communities to fight back against any deportation force, ICIRR and member organizations coordinated and created the Family Support Networks throughout Illinois. The purpose of the ICIRR Family Support Network (FSN) is to unify, build and coordinate a full range of support – legal, social services, ministry, law enforcement, and political action – for all families being torn apart by our immigration system.

For community resources on ICE raids click HERE.

To request one of ICIRR's workshops, trainings, or immigration presentations, please use this Inquiry Form.

Call our Family Support Hotline

(1-855-435-7693)  English/Spanish/Korean/Polish

Información en español

Immigration Legal Resources

Many non-profit organizations and private attorneys offer help with immigration legal matters.

·        Illinois non-profit organizations that offer immigration help

·        Detailed directory of non-profit organizations that offer immigration help to Illinois residents

·        List of private attorneys who provide representation in immigration cases

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