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Itedal Shalabi

Ms. Shalabi earned her Bachelors and Masters Degrees from the Jane Adams College of Social Work and officially received the title of Executive Director in mid-2005. In this role, Ms. Shalabi is responsible for all operational aspects of the organization, including overall supervision of the organization’s programmatic, management, and administrative functions.  Ms. Shalabi is a recognized trainer locally, nationally and internationally on issues impacting women and children.

In 2001, Ms. Shalabi co-Founded Arab American Family Services (AAFS). AAFS is among the first leading social service organizations in the Southwest suburbs established to serve and advocate for Arab Americans within the Chicago land area.  Located strategically in Worth, Illinois, AAFS’s mission to change and impact the quality of life by serving and building stronger and healthier generations of Arab Americans in our communities has created a profound impact on the lives of thousands of individuals and families

Ms. Shalabi was appointed to the Governor’s Advisory Council on Domestic Violence and appointed to the Mayor of Chicago’s Advisory Council on Domestic Violence.  Ms. Shalabi is also a Board Member of the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence and also an advisory board member to the National Network For Arab American Communities. 

Ms. Shalabi is an Advisory member of the Cook County Department of Public Health; member of the Muslim American Advisory Council to the Governor; previously sat on the Mosque Foundation Board member and Universal School Board.

A firm believer in not re-inventing the wheel, Ms. Shalabi, looks for partnership and connectedness to already established programs and services for the Arab/Muslim community members throughout the State of Illinois.  Ms. Shalabi took the office from a non-existent budget to a budget close to $1.9 million last year alone.  Under her leadership and management, AAFS in 2019, saw 12047 families, impacting over 46,192 individuals.

Ms. Shalabi has been recognized for her leadership and dedication to the agency and community. Under Ms. Shalabi leadership, AAFS has received several awards for outstanding community service.  Ms. Shalabi took AAFS from a 2 staff agency to 37 staff, 1 Fellows, and 9 Interns in past sixteen years.  Ms. Shalabi sits on other boards and committees as part of a strategic effort to build bridges of communication and resources between Arab/Muslim and mainstream organizations, institutions and governmental agencies.

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