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Immigrant Family Resource Program (IFRP)

The Immigrant Family Resource Program (IFRP) is a contract between immigrant-serving organizations in Illinois, The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, and the Illinois Department of Human Services to support immigrant access to public benefits. 

The goal of the IFRP is to ensure that low-income immigrant families and other limited-English speaking persons are able to thrive by reducing barriers when seeking public benefits (nutritional, medical, housing, psychological, childcare, employment), as well as the cash support they need for proper health, well-being, and economic self-sufficiency.

We currently partner with a number of community-based organizations with capacity in 59 languages. Here is a complete list our partner organizations with direct contact information for IFRP services.

Do you need help applying for public benefits?
Find an organization near you that can help you fill out your application for public benefits using this map

Apply for Cash, SNAP (Food Stamps) & Medical Assistance: Online | Paper Application | Solicitud en Español

Poverty Guidelines for determining financial eligibility for certain state and federal programs SNAP Income Guidelines

Find information about potential eligibility based on status using the DuPage Federation's Immigrant Eligibility Tool

Find your local DHS Family Community Resource Center (FCRC Office) Here
Other Public Benefits Resources

Information about Public Charge

Learn more about Health Care Access

Access to State-Funded Public Benefits in Illinois for Survivors, Based on Immigration Status By Daniel Enos, Monica Bates, Faiza Chappell, and Leslye E. Orloffc April 26, 2019

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