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ICIRR welcomes new protections for immigrant spouses

We welcome today’s announcement from President Biden, which affirms what immigrant communities have been demanding from the start of his administration: that the President can and should take executive action to protect immigrants and open pathways to legal status and citizenship. While this is a positive step, the President and Congress must do more to protect all 11 million undocumented residents in the US. ICIRR and our members have been organizing for a pathway to legalization for all, and remain committed to that goal. 

Advice for our community members and their families: 

  • Please note, there is nothing to apply for yet, as of June 18. 

  • While you should start compiling documentation regarding your time in the US, your marriage, and any criminal history, you should not fill out or file any forms until the official process is announced by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

  • Check with an attorney, accredited legal worker, or ICIRR New Americans Initiative partner (if you live in Illinois) regarding whether you might qualify for this relief or some other immigration benefit. 

  • Please note that until DHS announces additional details, attorneys and legal workers will not have further information regarding this program, but they still may be able to assess your possible eligibility for parole in place.

  • Do not fall for scams: Do not believe or give money or documents to anyone who says they can “save a place in line” or otherwise help you fill out an application.

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