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ICIRR celebrates community wins in FY 2025 budget


May 29, 2024 


Brandon Lee 

This year, members of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights advocated for a policy platform centered on winning resources for essential programs that empower families to thrive, regardless of their immigration status. Throughout the session, grassroots leaders from across the state won commitments from legislators, strengthened relationships with allies, and brought directly-impacted community members to the state capitol to advocate for themselves and their families and neighbors. 

“We thank our legislative allies and Governor Pritzker for putting together a FY 2025 budget that invests in Illinois families while putting a down-payment on new resources and revenue for communities across the state,” said Lawrence Benito, executive director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. “But while there were many steps in the right direction, our work is not done. Our coalition is going to continue fighting for resources that meet the needs of all Illinoisans, whether they have lived here for months or for generations.” 

“I know that we have experienced a lot of challenges, but I like to remind people that when we come together we can win driver's licenses, cash assistance for immigrants, an expanded earned income credit, or like we did this year, a child tax credit that would not exist in Illinois without our organizing,” said Blanca G. Beltrán-Castañeda, parent leader with Palenque LSNA who advocated for ICIRR’s 2024 statewide platform in Chicago and Springfield. 

This year’s legislative session wins include: 

  • $38 million for the Immigrant Services Line Item;

  • $50 million to create a new state Child Tax Credit;

  • $629 million to fund Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults and Seniors programs;

  • $182 million to fund shelter and services for southern border arrivals;

  • Reform of the retailer's sales tax discount to generate over $160 million in new revenue every year for essential programs.

ICIRR members will continue to advocate for: 

  • Increasing immigrant services funding that meets the need of our growing communities;

  • Preserving health coverage for existing HBIA/S participants and reopening the programs to new applicants;

  • Reopening the Victims of Trafficking, Torture, and Other Serious Crimes program to all previously eligible Illinoisans;

  • Expanding eligibility and resources for the state Child Tax Credit;

  • Creating a guaranteed income program for Illinois residents;

  • Winning new revenue sources that fund essential programs for the long term.

ICIRR looks forward to Governor Pritzker signing this budget. Our coalition is committed to continuing the work to build and expand upon this year’s success and ensure that everyone in our state is cared for and able to thrive.  

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