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ICIRR applauds ending of Title 42

Brandon Lee


Thu May 11 2023

Now the federal government must step up to help communities welcome migrants and asylum seekers

“Today we applaud the long-overdue expiration of Title 42, a racist, anti-immigrant policy that has kept thousands of families from finding refuge in the United States. Since being put into effect by the Trump administration, ICIRR and our partners have been calling for an end to Title 42 and a restoration of the international right to seek asylum. Additionally, ICIRR rejects the ongoing efforts to maintain the practices of Title 42, and urge members of Congress to say NO to proposals that would only further decimate asylum in the US.

“Now, because Title 42 is expiring, Chicago and Illinois might see an increase in migrants. To be clear: communities across our city, state, and nation are ready and willing to welcome migrants, and to fight for policies and resources that ensure they can start the next chapter of their lives with dignity and respect. The federal government must step up to ensure emergency resources reach cities and states, and President Biden must take action to restore the asylum process and provide work permits to migrants as asylum cases are pending.”

Experts and ICIRR leaders are available for interviews today, May 11. Please contact Brandon Lee at or 773-259-5288 to set up an interview.

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